The Town of Central was founded by its current mayor, Peridoot, in late November of 2015, just a mere few days after the server had initially opened. Central has massive walls surrounding all of it's land. This land includes some of the east coast of North America. It is the closest town to the United Towns headquarters.

History Edit

Central was founded in late November, 2015. Central was originally going to be a settlement This town started of small, including one house and a mine shaft. The original town of Central had three residents, Peridoot, JAEDJ, and Light_S0nico. TerraCraft was a new server at the time so there were a few rough times for the new town. The server was reset a number of times causing the town to be remade a total of three times. The third time however, the town was here to stay.

Structures Edit

The Great Cyrodiilic Wall Edit

Central's first big project was the Great Cyrodiilic Wall, that began construction in mid-December of 2015. This wall was constructed by Peridoot and JAEDJ and surrounds the entire town. It is made of a dozen blocks and is still being constructed. The wall is made of cobblestone and spruce wood and is a staple to the town's reputation.

Santa Claws Edit

The second big project was built again, by Peridoot and JAEDJ. It is a reference to the Yogscast Tekkit Series. In preperation for Christmas, Simon, a.k.a. Honeydew, starts to build a giant Santa Claus on top of their Jaffa Cake Factory. This Santa has the word "HO" built on his chest and is smoking a cigar. This build was entered into the TerraCraft Christmas Build Contest and won second place.