Current Mayor: camoaspie

Founder: ZombiiOwnsDN

Founded: November 2015

Population: 16 (December 28, 2015)

Nation: North America

President: camoaspie

Status: Active

GDP: $44956.69

Rank: 1

TDI: Coming soon

ChickaChickaBoomBoom or CCBB, is a town that is the capital of North America. It was the first town to be founded on the server. It is estimated to of been created on November 23, 2015. It was initially founded by former mayor, ZombiiOwnsDN, but as of December 27, 2015, camoaspie is the new mayor. It is located in the United States of America. It has the world's richest economy and second-largest population, with camoaspie, the wealthiest person on the server.



On the day of opening, November 22, 2015, camoaspie joined the server. She invited her friends, one of them being ZombiiOwnsDN. Shortly after joining, together they co-founded ChickaChickaBoomBoom, a small town with a few buildings, along with some farms and a tree nursery.

The tree nursery became what would allow them to dominate the server's economy, by getting rid off of selling large amounts of spruce wood. After making an estimated total of $80, 000, Dr_Derek, the server's owner, stated that the server's economy was corrupt, and needed fixing. He then declared wood worthless, and confiscated a large portion of the CCBB money, as there was an extreme surplus of it. CCBB was left with massive amounts of wood, and still has it to this day. CCBB has found other various ways to succeed in the economy since the wood crisis, which allowed them to stay on top of the game, and constantly be #1 in the balance top. On December 27, 2015, they donated a total of $7500 to the United Towns of TerraCraft (UT), and officially became the leader of it, thus making camoaspie the leader of the world, as she was now the major of CCBB.


CCBB expansion was slow at first, but picked up in late December. They started constructing roads, and better looking buildings. They are competing with Sicily to become the largest, most organized town. Sicily currently beats them in town size, and population size. Some of the main builders are camoaspie, ZombiiOwnsDN, and Horselover1515, Mayor of Dewberry Meadows.


CCBB has a brief history with war. In mid December, there was a war event, which ended up mainly in a war between CCBB and Sicily. The war took place in various stages at Sicily, CCBB, and Kamino. Sicily won, and this caused further tension between the two towns. Although the two towns are not confirming nor denying the possibility of another war, they appear to be in a competition against one another. They are official enemies.

New Mayor

After ZombiiOwnsDN's activity on the server dropped, camoaspie wished to succeed Zombii as the Mayor of ChickaChickaBoomBoom, and President of North America. Dr_Derek allowed this, and promoted camo as mayor on December 27, 2015, becoming the 2nd Mayor of CCBB. camoaspie made a 7.5 thousand dollar donation to the UT for the growth of smaller towns, she plans on expanding the town.


ChickaChickaBoomBoom is the #1 leader in the server's economy by far. Much of their money was from wood collecting, but other things as well. They like to trade with other towns, and as a player-run economy approaches, they are expected to trade more. Sicily, although a leader in aspects such as population and size, does not have nearly as much money as CCBB, making CCBB the superior town, and the leader of the UT. Their Town Development Index (TDI) is estimated to be the highest on the server because of population, economy, and buildings.

Foreign Affairs

They are affiliated with Dewberry Meadows as an ally, and are friends with its leader, Horse. CCBB does things for them like trade, and Dewberry gives CCBB some buildings. They are enemies with Sicily, and there is a great tension between the two.