Dimavr2 (also known as Dim) was one of the first players of the server. He joined on 31st of December 2015. The first town he joined was Barcelona. After that, he followed his friend xexekeli to Russia where he joined Moscow and Soviet Union. Dimavr2 didn't like Soviet Union's plans for war so he decided to leave Moscow and set up his own town. He established Piedmont in Northern Italy and joined Soviet Union for a week. Then, he left it and joined Spain. Currently, he is the leader of Democratic Left Party (DLP) and Primeminister of Spain.

Politics Edit

DLP Edit

Dimavr2 set up the Democratic Left Party(DLP) on 23rd of January 2016. DLP came second in the elections of January with 17% and third in the elections of February with 10%. Today, it is member of CORPP and one of the governing parties.

Leader of the Opposition (28th of January-20th of February) Edit

As the leader of the Opposition, Dimavr2 suggested many bills like the trade taxation that wasn't supported by the government. He cooperated with DON to set up the Coalition Of Radical Progressive Parties (CORPP) and caused the government to fall in February. Before the elections, another party lead by Dr_Derek (Reformed Liberals) joined the coalition.

Primeminister (20th of February-March) Edit

At the moment, Dimavr2 is the Primeminister of Spain. He was elected on 20th of February 2016 with the support of 82% of the Parliament (DLP+Centrists+Reformed Liberals+Business Dream). He has chosen DONREPANOCHA, Dr_Derek and DominikWSP to be the ministers of his government So far, Dimavr2 has purposed a new Constitution of Spain that has the support of DLP and Reformed Liberals.

Piedmont Edit

Dimavr2's town Piedmont it said to be one of the most beautiful ones in the server.