Market was a feature added by Dr_Derek around years 004/005 and destroyed by Dr_Derek, NeoLeo123, DominikWSP, TBLightningRockz, CaptDigger and Danielx253 in year 007 (December 28, 2015).


Market was added as a replacement to the /sell command which included too many glitches. It was always meant to be temporary and was soon after its implementation placed along with the newly added /market command. The /market command and the Market were utilisable until 007 (December 28, 2015). A few days before, Dr_Derek announced the Market is going to disappear in year 008 (January 1, 2016), but it was destroyed prior to that date after DominikWSP said "i'm going to buy something in the market that will be soon brutally assassinated by derek". Then it was destroyed by the players mentioned above with pickaxes and lava. Players were allowed to keep the precious resources they mined during the demolition. Market will be replaced with /market command and the place where the building was will be replaced with a Stock Market.


Market dies

Market seen on December 28, 2015

Market demolition started

Demolition of the Market starts

Market demolition mid

Demolition of the Market

Market demolition completing

Demolition of the Market is getting complete

Building erased market

The Market is demolished

Stock market coming soon

Stock Market: Coming soon!