North AmericaEdit

Founded: November 2015

President: camoaspie

Founded by: Dr_Derek

Capital: ChickaChickaBoomBoom

Towns: ChickaChickaBoomBoom, Dewberry Meadows

Past Towns: Toronto, Jungle Ruins

Allies: KawaiiNation

Enemies: Sicilian Empire (former)

Status: Active

Bank: $5738.71

North America is a small nation where its towns reside somewhere in North America. Currently, ChickaChickaBoomBoom is its capital, and camoaspie is its President. North America has the most money in total, with CCBB being the richest town on the server. Its initial founding was in November 2015 by Dr_Derek , and Toronto was the capital. Dr_Derek brought in CCBB as a town and resigned from President, and made the capital of North America CCBB, thus making ZombiiOwnsDN the new President. When camoaspie succeeded Zombii on December 27, 2015 as Mayor of CCBB, she also became President of North America. They are currently allied with KawaiiNation, and were formerly enemies with the Sicilian Empire . As of December 28, 2015, Sicily has a new mayor/president, who is making an effort to form an alliance with North America. 

Before becoming an official part of CCBB, Jungle Ruins was a town that existed within North America, but was soon taken in as a colony, thus making it a part of CCBB. Toronto fell to a ruin after the great war between CCBB and Sicily.