Sicilian EmpireEdit

President: Aqq1e

Mayor: Aqq1e

Founded by: NeoLeo123

Founded: December 2015

Rank 2

TDI: Coming soon

GDP: $4521.57

Town: Sicily

Population: 19 (December 28)

Location: Sicily and Italy, Europe

The Sicilian Empire is a nation-state that resides on the island of Sicily (the main part), and South Italy (the new extension). The two parts of Sicily are connected with a long bridge, called the Mediterranean Bridge . It was founded in early December 2015 by NeoLeo123 , who was the mayor until December 28, 2015. On December 28, 2015, NeoLeo123 resigned as mayor and president, giving the position to Aqq1e , a friend of his. Sicily is known as the largest town in size and population, with some of the nicest buildings. ChickaChickaBoomBoom beats them in overall rankings because of their economy.



Sicily was born when NeoLeo123 joined TerraCraft. At the time, there was great tension and bad blood between him and the members of CCBB. He became the first donor and decided to form the town of Sicily, as this is where he was originally from. Sicily started off with Neo, and Splatoonist . Together they constructed the first build, which Dr_Derek was impressed by. Eventually roads were constructed along with some other buildings, and the official parliment of Sicily was formed, with an official parliment building. Sicily developed its own flagged and became a popular starter town for newbies. 

Rivalry with CCBBEdit

The players of CCBB notoriously disliked NeoLeo123 from the start, and were constantly bickering, but it wasn't until a small war broke out that the rivalry went political. In mid December, a server-wide war was initiated by Dr_Derek. Most of the action took place between Sicily, who was a part of the European Union at the time, and ChickaChickaBoomBoom, part of North America. Parts of the war took place in Sicily, but as well as Kamino and CCBB. In the end, Sicily won, anf the tension between CCBB grew further.


After the war, Sicily made it's declaration of independence and decided to split off from the European Union , forming it's own nation, the Sicilian Empire. The plan was to conquer various places aroud the world. WestSideKnight , the President of the EU dissolved the EU and formed a new nation, World Powers. Sicily's first expansion was to South Italy.

The Expansion to South ItalyEdit

The UT was eager about Sicily, and was willing to fund them to expand. Sicily is not doing so well financially, so the UT was happy to give them the funds needed to expand. Neo wanted to expand to South Italy, so some land was flattened so they could do just that. A bridge was funded and built by the UT from Sicily to South Italy, and new roads were constructed. Money was also given to construct a large apartment building to house all of the members of Sicily. Currently, the apartment building is under construction.

New LeadershipEdit

One real day after camoaspie was crowned the new Mayor of CCBB, President of North America , and Leader of the UT, NeoLeo123 resigned from his position as mayor/president, and handed it over to Aqq1e. It is currently unknown what his plans are for the empire.