The Spanish Congress is the lower parliamentar house of the Spanish Democracy.


The Congress is elected every month, with every Spanish citizen being allowed to vote. They vote for parties, and the parties are distributed seats after discussion. After the congress votes a bill (51% required), the bill becomes law if the senate doesn't veto it.

First term

The first term of the congress was elected on January 6, 2016. Seat distribution:

  • Centrists: 36 seats
  • Liberals: 36 seats


  • Capitalists: 21 seats
  • Republicans: 7 seat

Second Term Edit

The second term of the congress was elected on January 16, 2016. Seat Distribution:


  • Liberals (II): 43 seats
  • Expansionist: 5 seats


  • DLP: 19 seats
  • Centrists: 19 seats
  • Capitalist P.:14 seats

Third Term Edit

The third term of the congress was elected on February 20, 2016. Seat Distribution:


  • Centrists 48 seats
  • Reformed L.:14 seats
  • DLP: 10 seats
  • Business Dream 10 seats


  • Liberals (II): 14 seats
  • Expansionist: 5 seats

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