The Spanish Democracy (formerly the Spanish Empire), is a nation that seeded from Madrid, Spain, its capital, and has since grown to the entire Iberian Peninsula, then expanding to North Africa, South Russia, and West Asia. It also controls Jamaica, and is planning to form a colony in Florida.

It was the first nation to establish democracy, and is still the only nation to have it. With the new Liberal-Centrist government elected in on January 12, 2016, it has plans to influence other nations to establish democracy, such as North America, who they have also promised to establish strong relations with. It has two legislatures, the Congress, and the Senate. The capital of the nation is Madrid, which is where the government buildings reside, as well as the current Prime Minister, and President. 

It is the nation that controls the largest amount of area, and with the most towns. In the Spanish Democracy, a bill was passed on January 12, 2015 by the new government declaring that all towns of Spain be called 'provinces', with the mayors being called 'governors'. Currently, there are 6 provinces, after the collapse of Catalonia, but has been adopted by Madrid and may severe into its own province once again in the future.

They have caught the people from the Western World's attention when promoting social rights.

There was tension with the Soviet Union, and there have been several attacks laid upon one another, with the most being the attack at the Spanish Congress, but the Spanish Democracy has inducted into an era of peace.



The Spanish Democracy was initially established as the Spanish Empire on December 24, 2015. The first building in Madrid was constructed, and was founded by DONREPANOCHA and Dr_Derek, the server Leaders, who promised to play legitimately and fairly like all other players. The growth and expansion of Madrid was rapid, catching the attention of many players who looked up to Don and Derek. The Spanish Empire was established as the nation of Madrid (at the time called Spain), being an independent city-state. xexekeli joined the Spanish Empire with his town, Catalonia, which at the time, was called Aregon. 

The Fall of the Sicilian EmpireEdit

Shortly after the formation of the Spanish Empire, North America, and Cyrodiil with the Sicilian Empire, were at war. Peridoot began by attacking Jungle Ruins, a colony of ChickaChickaBoomBoom, by the orders of NeoLeo123, ruler of Sicily, which caught the attention of camoaspie. Peridoot, without Neo's advisement, went on to begin bombing CCBB itself. Camo was relucant to fight back. Peridoot then was planning to attack Dewberry Meadows, where he managed to do a minimal amount of damage, but TBLightningRockz heard that Sicily was behind it, and went to Sicily, and began to destroy it with TNT. He destroyed the parliment, parts of the bridge, and numerous other buildings. The end result being that CCBB and Sicily were in ruins, but Dr_Derek decided it would be best to roll the damage back.

Even though the damage was wiped from existance, the bad blood and tension still remained between North America and the Sicilian Empire. Dr_Derek, the Prime Minister of the Spanish Empire, wanted to expand, and invited Sicily to the nation, who was going through rough times. Sicily accepted the offer, and the Sicilian Empire collapsed. With Sicily being the largest town in population on the server, it also made the Spanish Empire the most populated nation on the server.

Entering DemocracyEdit

The plan all along for Spain was to establish democracy. After Spain had received more towns joining the nation, they decided that it was time. The construction of the parliment buildings began in Madrid. The Congress Building was mainly constructed by DONREPANOCHA, while the Senate that lies in front of it was mainly constructed by Dr_Derek. It is slightly isolated from the rest of the town. After the construction of both of the building were complete, the first elections of Spain began, known as the January Elections of Spain. It was mainly a race between the coliated Liberal and Centrist parties, and the Democratic Party which originiated from Catalonia, led by xexekeli. xexekeli ended up leaving the nation at the last moment, going on to form Moscow, along with all of his voters.

Due to xexekeli's departure, the Democratic Party was completely wiped from the race, and the votes were discounted. The Liberal-Centrist Coliation formed a Majority, with a Capitalist opposition, and Republicans with a seat as well. The first meeting was held on January 12, 2016, where Bill #1 was proposed to convert all towns into provinces, and give mayors the title of 'Governor'. It was voted on by three parties in the Congress, receiving well over majority votes, thus not needing to cary on to senate. At this point in time, the Spanish Empire became the Spanish Democracy.

The Spanish Democracy, is the only nation with a structured government, democracy, and multiple political parties. The Sicilian Empire once had an attempt at democracy, but it wasn't major enough to be significant.


The Spanish Democracy is unique, as its towns within are considered provinces, rather than towns, which will have their own structured government, possible democracy, flag, and cultural differences, as well as governor rather than a mayor. The current provinces are:

  • Madrid (South Madrid, North Madrid, Barcelona)
  • Selrod
  • Aelgaidia
  • Cuba
  • Minnesota (Minnesota, Dewberry Meadows)
  • Sicily (Sicily, Sardinia)
  • Piedmont
  • Patriark

Soviet Union Edit

Since the elections of January 2016, there has been a growing tension between the Spanish Democracy, and the Soviet Union. The Democratic Party of Catalonia dissolved, and many of the members of that party and Catalonia severed off from the Spanish, and went to form the Soviet Union. Ever since, there has been bad blood between the two.

The Soviets claimed an outpost at where the Spanish claimed to be 'their territory'. The Spanish bombed the outpost thinking it was a military threat, while the Soviets claimed it was a lighthouse. The leader, Joseph Stalin (xexekeli) of the Soviets got quite angered by this movement, and sent threats to Spain. They bombed the Congress of Spain the next day. A war could be on the horizon for the two nations.

Along with the bombing, xexekeli sent an ultimatum to the nation, telling DONREPANOCHA and Dr_Derek to step down from their roles of President and Prime Minister respectively. They did so, and appointed ElectricSparx and his party as a transitional government. A new election occurred, with NeoLeo123 being able to form a government under his Liberal party. The Neo + Electric administration begun.

From there on out, the Soviet Union and the Spanish Democracy declared neutrality.

Governments Edit

Congressional elections occur on a monthly basis. A new government is formed after that.

The First Election - Derek + Don Administration Edit

The first election occurred in early January 2015. After the formation of the nation and the establishment of democracy, the temporary Prime Minister at the time, Dr_Derek, decided to run to remain Prime Minister. His party, the Liberal Party, formed a coalition with the Centrist Party, and together won a majority government. The President under his ruling of the Congress was DONREPANOCHA. Together they formed the Derek + Don Administration. In the short rein they had, they worked on the construction of the Trans-Spanish Highway, brought the nation to war with the Soviet Union, and worked on developing further government structure and social rights. Dr_Derek was the first to introduce a Minister, Tabbyclaw, who was named Minister of Defense. The government was brought to an end after relations with The Soviet Union became intense, an interim government was formed, and an election occurred.

The Second Election - Neo + Electric Administration Edit

DONREPANOCHA appointed ElectricSparx as his successor as President, and temporarily filled the spot of Prime Minister briefly. Afterwards, NeoLeo123 was chosen as temporary Prime Minister. When elections were called in late January, NeoLeo123 assumed Leader of the Liberal Party, leaving his former Republican Party behind. The Liberal Party won a near majority, forming a coalition with the Expansionist Party to get just under half of the Congress. The Democratic Left Party arose during this administration, become the opposition and formed a coalition with the Centrist Party, which had broke its former coalition with the Liberals. They managed to overthrow the government by calling an election, and one occurred in late February 2016.

The Third Election - The CORPP Edit

The Democratic Left Party and the Centrist Party desired change. Dr_Derek returned to politics with his newly formed party, the Reformed Liberals Party. It was very similar to his original Liberal Party, Democratic Socialist. He joined in on the coalition and together the three parties formed the CORPP. In the elections, Centrists performed extremely well, with the DLP and the Reformed Liberals performing quite average, they were able to pull off a staggering 72% majority government. The CORPP Government is projected to be the largest yet, and so far has appointed three Ministers (not including dimavr2 himself). The CORPP's only bill passed as of yet is the Senate Reform Act, which promises an elected Senate with a President chosen by the Senate. Provinces with higher population with perform better in the Senate.