This is the official rules page of the TerraCraft wiki. These rules are split into two separate sections, of which each has to be respected by a separate group of users. The first section has to be respected by EVERY user of the TerraCraft wiki, while the last one by EVERY member of the TerraCraft wiki staff. Non-respect of these may lead to a ban or a demotion (in case of staff).

Section 1: Page Editing Rules

  1. Vandalising articles is forbidden and may lead to successive warnings and then a ban. By vandalising we mean:
    1. Purposely deleting content that does not break any of the rules.
    2. Adding content that is not in any way related to the page's topic.
    3. Adding content that is not true.
    4. Adding vulgarities into pages.
    5. Adding sentences that are in an inappropriate language (such as "yo exampleplayer is a boss that everybody likes yeah yeah buddey")
    6. Changing page content into content with the same meaning but in inappropriate language (such as "ExamplePlayer is a player that joined on February 29, 2036 and is the leader of Example Nation" being changed to: "exampleplayer is a freaking guy that came up in da freaking survur around febroory 29, 2036 and leads the freakin' stupid nation of shittynation").
  2. If a page turns out to have an edition war, this means that users make edits that are non-stop reverted by other users that re-revert them etc., then discuss on the talk page before proceeding. An absolute edition war that has no discussion will cause the page to be locked by admins and the players that participated in it to be punished.
  3. Think before creating a template and create one only if it's really needed.
  4. Deletion ticket rules:
    1. Do not submit speedy deletion tickets because the content of the concearned page is different from your opinion or because the town/nation/company that the page describes does no longer exist or the player that the page describes left the server. Submit speedy deletion tickets only for pages which are clear proof of vandalism and have no past version(s) to be reverted to.
    2. If a page is a clear proof of vandalism, revert the edit and report the vandaliser to the staff. If there are no versions to revert to, submit a speedy deletion ticket.
    3. Do not submit speedy deletion tickets if the page is useless and/or describes something that never existed, but submit a long-term deletion ticket instead. Speedy deletion tickets are only for vandalisms.
    4. Long-term deletion ticket discussions are NOT democracies and an admin can close the discussion whenever he/she wants.
    5. More about deletion tickets: see here.
  5. All articles must be written from the Neutral Point of View. What we mean is they cannot include content that can be seen differently from the perspective of various people. This includes lists of personal friends/enemies and what the editor thinks about a concrete player/town/nation/company/other and such edits will be first reverted, next warned, then punished.
  6. Spam and advertisements on pages, such as "Join ExampleTown if you want to be the best!" are not allowed.
  7. Creating the page about yourself is forbidden. Editing it tho to add more useful info is not, unless it is biased.
  8. Internet slang terms, such as "LOL", "OMG", "LMAO" can be used only if they are here to quote somebody, and by so in quotes only.
  9. Vulgarities are not allowed, unless they are here to quote somebody, so in quotes only, and with all the word but the first and last letter must be replaced with asterisks: eg. "f**k", "s**t", etc.
  10. The pages must be about something that is worth a page, eg. Let's say somebody built a building called the Wonderful Building. It can have a page (unless it's a small building without purpose eg. a dirt house), but every block or section of it CANNOT have a page, unless there is something exceptional in such; a very well known room full of mysteries, for example. The same goes for town neighborhoods; they cannot have a separate article each, unless they are important and very well known.
  11. Asking for staff is allowed, but only in a separate page under TerraCraft Wiki Technical Pages/Staff Requests.
  12. Staff requirements are the following: have made at least 5 articles, at least 500 edits and been registered and active for over 3 months.
  13. Want to make something fun for the wiki readers and editors but not really related to the server, eg. a weekly sudoku? You are allowed to post it, but only under TerraCraft Wiki Technical Pages/Fun.
  14. Ban avoiding, by so we mean using your IP address to edit when banned, is allowed, but only if you do not vandalise. If you vandalise by then, you will no longer be allowed to edit through IP addresses.
  15. Stressing/sending offensive messages to other players, in private chat or in public pages, will not be tolerated and banned.
  16. Using an username that makes people think you are member of the staff while you are not, or offensive usernames, or advertising usernames, will not be tolerated.
  17. Feel free to give suggestions to the admins; these are welcome.
  18. You can submit a speedy deletion ticket to your own user page (not a page you made, just your user page) for no reason.
  19. Staff, and other users, must be treated with respect.

Section 2: Staff Rules 

  1. Staff are not allowed to punish anybody that didn't break any of the above rules.
  2. Staff are allowed to change these rules at any time, but any change submit on or after January 3, 2016 will take effect only 30 days after being written.
  3. Ban Rules:
    1. Staff are not allowed to ban people for a period shorter than 5 minutes and longer than 1 year. They are however allowed to prolongate a ban if needed. Permanent bans can be only used on IP addresses.
    2. Bans of a duration of 5 minutes to 24 hours should be given as a warning depending on the broken rule. These should be applied once the user breaks a rule for the second time.
    3. Bans of a duration of 24 hours to 1 week should be given as a warning depending on the broken rule. These should be applied once the user breaks a rule for the third time.
    4. Bans of a duration of 1 week to 3 months should be given as a ban depending on the broken rule. These should be applied once the user breaks a rule for the fourth time.
    5. Bans of a duration of 3 to 9 months should be given as a ban depending on the broken rule. These should be applied once the user breaks a rule for the fifth time.
    6. Bans of a duration of 9 to 12 months should be given as a ban for high rule breaking, such as vandalising more than 20 pages at a time, or if the user breaks a rule for the sixth time.
    7. Bans of a durration over 12 months should be given for the same reasons as the 9-12 month bans, but for IP addresses.
  4. All staff must be OK when accepting a new rule or a new staff member. All staff must be OK (except for the demoted member(s)) when demoting a staff member.

Rules version

These rules have been made on January 2, 2016. Last changed on January 2, 2016. Took effect on January 3, 2016.