United Towns of TerraCraft (UT)Edit

Formed: December 2015

Headquarters: New York (near Central )

Leading Town: ChickaChickaBoomBoom

Leading Town Leader: camoaspie

Organization Managers: Dr_Derek , DONREPANOCHA

First Meeting: TBA

The United Towns of TerraCraft or simply the UT, is an international organization on TerraCraft that was formed in mid-December. It is designed to bring all of the towns together in one big group that is lead by the #1 ranking town. Together they make world-wide descisions and implement things like interational laws. They also will fund towns if they need funding for things like expansion, or simply staying afloat. 

Its headquarters are where New York City is located in real life, and the design of it is based off of the UN headquarters in New York. Each town that joins the UT will get half of a floor. In this space, there are three offices - one designed for the mayor, and the other two for assistants. Below the ground is the meeting room, where all towns will get together and meet. Its first meeting has not been held yet, and is expected to run in early January.

In order to join the United Towns, the town must meet the following requirements:

  • The town's population is greater than 2
  • The town has at least 4 claimed townblocks
  • The town has at least 1 building*
  • The town has an official flag (something on a banner)
  • The town is active 

The UT will also be responsible for things like Town Development Index and statistics alike.