Yangon was a small town in Southeast Asia owned by 8BitRobot (8bit_craftr from MCPE), who was also its only citizen. It was created sometime in early September, when 8Bit joined the server.

The town consisted of a fortress, called the Fortress of Yangon, 8Bit's house, a building for spawning into the town, and an unfinished small skyscraper, that was planned to have apartments and an observation deck. The town also had an artificial canal separating the fortress from the land, and a bridge that went over it. Under the fortress, there were some passages leading to rooms where 8Bit was planning to keep his stuff and make a smilefun workroom, but he didn't have time for that. The Fortress of Yangon was well built, and even the walls were explosion proof (8Bit put a double wall with water in between).

All the buildings were constructed in a specific style, similar to the style of Hispaniola in MCPE. The buildings were all on an elevated platform, with the streets being 3 blocks wide, and stairs connecting to the entrances on buildings. Between each building there were 2 block spaces, and same for behind each building. The building extended into the water. The main building material was cobblestone and some granite and diorite. 8Bit's house was really just an enlarged copy of Hispaniola's first house. For more info, look at the gallery.